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5 easy ways to save the planet, nope to save humanity !!

5 easy ways to get greener right now. They are so simple that even a child could do them. 
1. Carry a handkerchief : 
I grew up in India where it was a common practice to carry a personal handkerchief. So when  you washed your hands you had your own little kerchief to wipe your hands. No need for a tissue. If everyone started this small practice, right there we would save a forest or two. There are other countries that have a similar practice. While I am writing this a Japanese friend actually gifted a handkerchief to me. Really!
2. Carry a  stainless steel bottle for water:
 Bottled water being safer is a myth. See any documentary and you will know the evil of bottled water industry. Start carrying your own bottle and fill it at local water fountains. Especially if you are in a city like NY, tap water is subject to tighter regulations then bottled water. Now your water can taste better, you can save a ton of money and feel less guilty for throwing away a ton of plastic water bottles in those landfills. Bonus points for carrying your own coffee cup/mug and not using the disposable paper or  Styrofoam cups.
3. Buy a trendy set of bamboo silverware :
 You can eat your take out with your own cool bamboo silverware. Every day tons of plastic forks, knives and spoons get thrown out. Imagine eating hot soup with a plastic spoon. It gives me chills thinking about the micro plastic particles that one would be eating every single meal.
4. Carry your own bag for groceries :
 Not only will you lower the plastic consumption you might also get a refund in some green stores. The plastic used for carry bags is the worse kind and can not be further recycled. These bags land up in ocean, get eaten by cattle, birds, fishes and ultimately land up in human food. Yikes! Not something you want to be a part of right?
5. Carry your own container for peanut butter to Whole Foods:
 Whole Foods allows you to take your own container. Pre weigh the container and then fill your favorite peanut butter or any other item that is in their dispensing section. What an easy way to use less plastic!
Your turn, share your own green tricks with us. We would love to add to this list so comment on and let us in your green secrets. 

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