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Um I will have some Green Tea please!

Many of us enjoy drinking green tea, especially in this cold weather! Now there is yet another reason to cherish your green tea drinking habit.
Research shows that green tea is beneficial in oral cancer treatment. Apparently green tea has a compound that can kill oral cancer cells. 
I have worked in the cancer field for a very long time. And I can't stop myself from thinking what would happen if we did have a cure? Would we then recklessly abuse ourselves, given we would not be afraid of cancer? Would smoking and eating MSG or any other cancer causing chemicals increase? Will industries dump their toxic waste without regulations because cancer would not be fatal any more? 
I can't help but wonder. As a race we are rather stupid when it comes to our health. I know, I just called us stupid. But look at us! For instance eating sugar would lead to increased risk of diabetes. But sugar consumption in US is really high. Why? Because diabetes is not something we are afraid of.
Funny thing is Diabetes might not kill you directly but it will link to other diseases that will. And yet we continue to not be afraid of Diabetes because there is treatment. This is just one example, I am sure I could quote many more
I do hope that we can cure cancer in the near future. But with that hope I also pray that we act responsibly when it comes to our lifestyle choices.
 Do you think cancer cure would result in increased numbers of cancer patients as well? How do you see us progressing towards a balance? 


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