Being Nadia !

Nadia, a woman caught in the whirl wind of conflicting emotions. That, was me for last two weekends!

Playing a character that is so far away from who I am, WOW! what an experience!

Nadia gave me an opportunity, to get in touch with a lot of women in my life! Unfortunately I have been a witness to many Nadia's in my life. These women seem so weak and so courageous; so fragile and so strong; so sensitive and so alive and, it was from these women, that I drew Nadia.

Journey of being Nadia was challanging and virtuous. Nadia's pain was embodied in me, as Donte White the director went on with his creation.

I knew from the time I read the script that I had to be Nadia. Donte and I laugh about it now, but the first time I read the script, chills went down my spine and I started preparing for the audition, though the audition was not to be held for another week or so. I knew Nadia would be a great experience for me and, she was.

Every where I went, I started to notice women with hijaabs. I started to study them. How they dressed, how they talked, walked and even ate their food!

On the morning of the shoot I knew I was with a great team, and it was time to let Dipti go and be Nadia.

While the crew would set the scene, I would sit down with the script and bring Nadia's commotion to my life , it was only then that Nadia came to life.

For me as an actress, Nadia was one of the most amazing characters I have played yet !







Saying Good bye!

It is a mixed feeling as I part with yet another character ! There is a feeling of completion and fulfillment having completed the film, there is also a sense of enrichment to Dipti from Nadia and then there is this longing !

Longing for what ? I wish I could answer that. Having been Nadia for the last few weeks I long to search her soul just as I always do when I am playing a character. But where does one go to do that?? Dipti survives, Nadia disappears till she is revived by her creator! And till then I wait.... 

But what about the other characters that I have played.....

What about Raina, or Maansi or Ratan or Anjali and the list goes on..... I wonder if every actor goes through this feeling of burial of a character ? I wonder if these characters, these imaginary names and beings that we adorn for a brief period, do they go away forever? Do they survive somewhere deep inside who we are ? or do they just leave you longing?

I am in love with each of these names and who I got to be as them. And so yet again I say Good bye to a character.. Nadia may you remain untouched in the land of imagination.... untill we meet again !

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