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The petite actress, who appeared powerful on stage, comfortably  shifted roles between Chameli, the mother; Rani, the daughter; and Paula, the narrator. A trained dancer, Mehta punctuated the show with short dance sequences, showcasing her forte in Kathak as well as the more popular Bollywood style of dancing.


The character of Sia in the film was a complex one, and I was very very choosy about the actress who would play the part. It took me a long time to be convinced about the actress who would play the character. The role had to be well rehearsed and enacted. But my apprehension was short-lived. As soon as the first shot was canned  I knew that the character was actually waiting for Dipti.

Dipti's performance as Sia was beyond words. She makes you feel her happiness, her pain and her silence as she portrays the character of Sia, a deaf & mute girl. Her performance in my film “I Dream of Hope” speaks volumes of the potential she has as an actress.

    -Prakash Nambiar; Director and Founder- Kathaa Productions


Dipti works with a pure heartfelt desire, un-wavered commitment,  contagious enthusiasm and self belief towards enhancing the vision of the project as a whole. I am lucky to have met her and casted her in my film “Life! Camera Action”. It is because of her that we could complete our filming earlier than projected. She's the soul of this film.  

                         -Rohit Gupta; Director and Founder-RNG films.



Chawls....A Life Time!

A documentary shot in Bombay.

An exclusive account of a life style and culture unique to South Bombay.

A culture that is on the brink of extinction.

Updates coming soon.


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