Dipti was born and brought up in Mumbai; India and is now based in NYC. At a young age of 12 she was discovered by an All India Radio; Program Executive Officer at an elocution competition. She then started hosting shows for the AM section of All India Radio.
In time she became the only Radio Jockey at All India Radio; FM station of Mumbai hosting music shows in both English and Hindi. Around the same time she discovered stage and won numerous accolades in acting at inter-collegiate and state level. She has been a part of theater, TV and film industry in Mumbai.

She has trained for 4 years in North Indian classical music and has received extensive training in Bharatnatyam and Kathak the two distinct classical styles of dancing. She has a Doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Biology and works as a research scientist in the field of prostate cancer. 

Her theater credits include "Half Hearted" (Cherry Lane Theater),“Grahan…the Eclipse” (4 Awards), “Nishfal” (2 Awards), “Get Back”, “Vagina Monologues”, “Honour” (La MaMa) and “Bollywood Wedding”. TV credits include "The Blacklist" (NBC), "Golden Boy" (CBS), "One Life to Live", “Virrudh”, “Hum-Tum”, “Yoga for you” and “Dating while desi”. Film credits include "Split", "Far Away", "Namita", “I Dream of Hope”, "Penumbra" (Cannes Short Film Corner), "Yaatra" (5 Nominations, 1 Award), “The Schenectady Package”, “Life! Camera Action” (11 nominations, 3 Awards), “A good life”, “Walkaway”, “Mamarosh”, “Red Corvette”, “Victory”, “Colors of Passion”, and “Summer of 2007”.

Besides acting her passion is reading and writing. She loves getting inspiration from her environment and people around her, which reflects in the projects she creates. She firmly believes that art is not distinct from life, they are in-separable. She is a stand for transformation of women, for women being heard, for women getting justice and respect.

Dipti believes in healthy living for body and soul. With this in mind she started her own skincare line "Dees Apothecary" in 2015. Her skin care is cruelty-free and chemical free. She prefers to call it skin food. More information can be found on www.deesapothecary.com

Dipti's one woman show HONOUR: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan has won many awards and is currently touring internationally. More information about HONOUR can be found HERE

Dipti's new play HER STORY...His Shadow is currently being workshoped and will be soon availalbe for touring.